DNA-Driven Health and Leadership Mastery

For whom?

⦿ Leaders
⦿ Visionaries
⦿ Entrepreneurs

⦿ Executives
⦿ Founders

People who seek increased levels of self-awareness and self-responsibility, clarity on personal values, enhanced personal and professional performance with a deeper connection to Self; Personalised, DNA-based health insight, practical tools for better health, well-being and performance. 


3 months



Received Benefits

~ 26 hours 1:1 sessions 
~ 8 hours offline

A unique approach that combines executive coaching and in-depth health counselling to provide personal DNA-based health insights for setting your optimal lifestyle, health practices and performance capabilities. Discover the path to becoming a more aligned, Self-aware leader.

Experts inolved

⦿ Health specialist
⦿ Executive coach 

1:1 personalised approach with an experienced health specialist/coach and an esteemed executive coach.


⦿ Health counseling;
⦿ Executive coaching;
⦿ Conscious leadership coaching;
⦿ DNA-testing;
⦿ Biometrics


Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle
DNA-based Health insights
Lifespan and Health span
Peak Performance
Brain Health
Stress reduction
Conscious Leadership
Habit & Lifestyle creation
Personalised Longevity tools
Physical and Mental Resilience


Increased levels of self-awareness and self-responsibility, clarity on personal values, enhanced personal and professional performance with a deeper connection to Self

Program Benefits & Details

  • Tap into a concentrate of the most current, scientifically-backed knowledge and practical resources for better health, better results and peak performance.
  • Accomplish more while doing less through a personalised approach: Uncover the 20% that yields 80% of your desired performance and health outcomes.
  • Receive the cutting edge of personal DNA-informed health insights to fine-tune your optimal lifestyle and health practices.
  • DNA-based individualised techniques for stress reduction and cultivating resilience.
  • Discover the path to becoming a more aligned, Self-aware leader.

Health Mastery

Health Mastery is a individualised, in-depth health and performance enhancement program, that provides the necessary:

⦿ theoretical knowledge,

⦿ practical skillsets,

⦿ bio-individual health data

⦿ DNA-testing

for sustainable and comprehensive health benefits, sustainable lifestyle formation, peak performance, optimised lifespan and healthspan.

  • Individualised nutrition and supplementation for optimal health, increased energy, productivity and well-being.
  • Latest science-based knowledge & tools for better health, longevity, peak performance & productivity.
  • Discovering your best DNA-based health regime for better health, better results and sustainable well-being.
  • Mastering stress reduction, building resilience.
  • Behavioral and neurochemical secrets to sustainable habit & lifestyle implementation.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful tool to:

⦿ improve performance

⦿ optimise skills

⦿ regain energy

⦿ develop or enhance global potential

⦿ (re)gain clarity and purpose

A powerful approach that improves self-awareness, helps drive transformational change, and provides critical challenge and support.

  • Defining targets and establishing objectives: learn the necessary steps for your purpose-driven journey towards personal growth and development.
  • Addressing limitations: overcoming limiting beliefs, and challenging judgments.
  • Intelligent resource allocation: tapping into personal resources to achieve goals and milestones.
  • Fostering self-awareness for personal growth and improved decision-making in leadership roles.

Program Specialists

Monika Jakobson

Co-Founder / Health Transformation Specialist

Psychology (BSc) Health Promotion (BA);
Nutrition and Health Coaching (BTEC Advanced Diploma).
Certified Nutritionist; Certified in Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics

Monika has over 14 years of experiene in the field of health and nutrition, specialising in 1:1 DNA-based in-depth health consulting and coaching.

  • 8 years of experience with 1:1 client counseling; 4+ years working alongside MD-s and a Functional Medicine specialist
  • 6+ years of Health and Nutritional Science, BTEC Advanced Diploma
  • Certified practitioner in Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics (DNA testing)
  • Degrees in Psychology and Health Promotion
  • Developer of the Holistic Health Transformation Program
  • Trained in Brain Health, Longevity, Positive Psychology, Productivity, Neurobiology, Genetics, The Microbiome, Habit creation, Peak Performance, Stress management, Resilience and many more

Philippe Vignon

Executive coach / Entrepreneur / Former General Manager easyJet Europe / CEO Geneva Tourism / Sales & Marketing Director L’Oréal

MBA in Political Science; Doctorate Honoris Causa in Business Administration (PhD); Associate Certified Coach ICF

Philippe is an internationally experienced Strategy and Business Development Executive with a track record of leading and growing complex high-profile organisations.

  • Leading member of a team that led a start up to 5+ billion € revenues achieved within 7 years
  • Tech start ups. Tourism advisor and board member
  • Passion for managing international teams, generating shared purpose and collective alignment
  • In-depth experience in driving organisations towards sustainable growth
  • Fluent in English, French, German and Italian 

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