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In these quiet moments between purpose and busy.

Have you ever felt that there is something missing in your life,
even though you have everything you could dream of?

Do you ever wonder if today’s achievements
are truly in accordance with your highest potential?

What if you discovered a new depth to your mission
and contribution in this world?

I see you. I’ve been there.

And believe me this is just the beginning of your journey.

Integral Self-Actualisation
and Holistic DNA-driven Transformation

Inlibrium's central mission is to empower leaders and visionaries in their journey toward becoming genuinely conscious and purpose-driven, ultimately catalyzing positive transformations on a global scale.

To achieve this, we've devised a distinct methodology, assembled a team of distinguished experts and developed specialized DNA-based programs. With a strong emphasis on personal and leadership development, our programs empower individuals to tap into their true potential, embrace their genuine selves, enhance their leadership qualities and capabilities across all facets of life.

We are the birthplace of Integral Self-Actualisation.

For whom?

Inlibrium is committed to providing transformative programs tailored for:

⦿ Leaders
⦿ Visionaries
⦿ Entrepreneurs
⦿ Executives
⦿ Founders


Our unique holistic approach
integrates diverse disciplines
for a comprehensive journey
in self-exploration and
personal growth across
the health realms of:
⦿ Physical
⦿ Mental
⦿ Emotional
⦿ Spiritual

Experts involved

All the experts collaborating  are seasoned professionals in their respective fields, contributing valuable science-backed knowledge and expertise to enhance your transformative experience


⦿ Elevated Leadership Skills
⦿ Resilience Mastery 
⦿ Purpose-Driven Growth
⦿ DNA-based Health and  Wellness Practices
⦿ True Potential
⦿ Authentic Leadership
⦿ Holistic Peak Performance


DNA-Driven Health and Leadership Mastery


  • Duration: 3 months
  • Location: Online
  • Received Benefits: 26h 1:1 sessions
  • 2 experts involved
  • Executive coaching
  • Health counceling
  • Basic health testing
  • DNA-testing
  • Biometrics

DNA-Driven Integral Transformation Program


  • Duration: 6 — 7 months
  • Location: Online + 2x 6 days in Portugal
  • Received Benefits: ~240h 1:1 sessions
  • 5 — 7 experts involved
  • Executive coaching
  • Health counceling
  • Basic health testing
  • DNA-testing
  • Biometrics
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Integration
  • Life coaching
  • Body-mind practices
  • Functional health testing
  • Invitation to group Mastermind (7 days)

What We Do Differently


We do not promote packed, generic group retreats that skimp on necessary individualized preparation and integration — approaches we consider entertainment, trivializing the therapeutic and transformative potential of psychedelics. Holding hands and singing in a group setting is nice, but it rarely facilitates meaningful, sustainable positive change in life. 


We differentiate ourselves through our devotion to data-driven and evidence-based complex therapy approaches. Our methodologies are synergistically combined to enhance the overall outcome. We ensure a pioneering program that is, most importantly, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual.


Our methodology embraces a long-term perspective, addressing the full spectrum of health and life dimensions — including emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual — acknowledging the multidimensional nature of human beings. Lasting change cannot be achieved in a brief retreat, and so we foster comprehensive, sustainable transformation.


We pioneer in deploying a multifaceted therapeutic strategy, ensuring effective and desired change. Our tested and validated technique employs only expert professionals. We focus on crafting an individualized and respectful multidisciplinary therapeutic environment, recognizing and fostering the profound potential of every person’s distinctive transformation and growth journey.


Our team consists exclusively of seasoned professionals with formal education and experience in their respective fields. We strongly distance ourselves from unverified practices, self-proclaimed “therapists”, “shamans” and unfortunate widespread spiritual narcissism in this field. No “magic-pills”, unicorns or bullshit – transformation takes time, commitment, energy, work and a full team’s support.


We stand alone but strong in our firm commitment to a personalized approach. Incorporating DNA and functional health testing, biometric tracking, alongside with psychedelic psychotherapy, counseling and coaching. Our holistic program is meticulously tailored to align with your distinctive genetic makeup, age, gender, objectives, and health condition, ensuring an approach as unique as you are.

Who We Are
Our Story. Mission. Values

Inlibrium was founded by Hardi Põder and Monika Jakobson in 2021, catalyzed by our own personal growth journeys – both as people and leaders. Our own life journeys and psychedelic experiences have led us to create a professional transformation program for leaders and visionaries unlike anything in the world – with an entirely personalised approach and an unmatched emphasis on integration. 

Our aim is to catalyze radical positive change in the world  through an innovative approach, empowering visionary leaders to realize their potential and magnify their true positive impact.


Our MISSION is to create a community of leaders who bring positive change into this world. We’re bringing together self-aware ambitious leaders who want to change the world in positive ways. A community to empower and support the thought leaders of this era.


Our VALUES are honesty, integrity, authenticity, courage. We’re here to  serve the greater good of our clients and the world, while being who we are and telling our truth, without compromise.


We see you. We hear you. We feel you.

Apply for Your
Individual Program

Given our dedication to a highly personalized experience, we can accommodate only a selected number
 of leaders at any given time. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to schedule 
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Complete transformation from the inside out
- entirely tailored to You -

Our transformative program is distinctive, integrating cutting-edge therapeutic methods into a long-term framework. 
This approach delves deep into your core being, purpose, and life mission.

What sets us apart is our commitment to evidence-based, data-driven methodologies, ensuring a program
that is not only groundbreaking but, most importantly, entirely personalized to you.

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